General Purpose CAM Software

Mecsoft RhinoCAM software is a solution designed to be a general-purpose machining program aimed at accommodating the average machinist. It operates entirely in Rhinoceros 5.0 and serves to combine the freeform modelling capabilities of Rhino with the impressive machining abilities of VisualCAM. Special care has been given to the user interface and display integration, so it feels as though you are creating cutter paths through Rhino.

RhinoCAM 2018 Build 8.0.13 for Rhino 6 x64 $75
RhinoCAM 2018 Build 8.0.309 for Rhino 5 x64 $65
RhinoCAM 2017 Build 7.0.425 x64 $65


In order to accommodate the needs of various CNC processes, Mecsoft RhinoCAM ships with a few different modules that were specifically designed to cater to distinct areas in order to provide full assistance. These modules are:

  • RhinoCAM – MILL
  • RhinoCAM – TURN
  • RhinoCAM – NEST
  • RhinoCAM – ART

RhinoCAM – MILL functions as a plugin and offers you the ability to access the free-form modelling abilities of Rhino and the machining abilities of VisualMILL. This module also provides various axis milling options and hole making operations.

With RhinoCAM – TURN you gain access to a programming system with 2-axis Turning Centre. The tools that are available in this module include finishing, turn roughing, threading, parting, free post processors, hole machining and groove roughing. Several options are available for your lathes.

RhinoCAM – NEST is used for the purpose of optimising the arrangement of geometric shapes on sheets of stock material. The primary options available to you are Rectangular Nesting and True Shape Nesting, both of which can support the inclusion of 2D CAD shapes.

The last module is RhinoCAM – ART, which serves the purpose of converting artwork into geometry that accommodates machining. Interesting new methods are introduced, such as making it possible to use raster bitmap images for modelling artistic shapes. By combining the strengths of this module with RhinoCAM itself, you can take advantage of 3D modelling tools which are perfect for projects related to sign making, jewellery design and model making.