The Best 3D Architecture Tools for You!

Chief Architect Premier X10 software provides a highly powerful 3D architecture solution for the purpose of creating highly detailed designs and plans for homes and some light commercial buildings. Among its unique qualities is that, Chief Architect X10 is capable of generating 3D renditions as you draw or place objects. This means that rather than focusing on modelling, you instead make use of manipulation to achieve desired results.

Chief Architect Premier X10 $75
Chief Architect Interiors X10 $75
Chief Architect Premier X9 $65



Chief Architect Premier X10 is must-have software for any and all people involved with house-related architecture. While this might sound like hyperbole, it becomes a lot more believable when you look at the broad range of features you gain access to when you purchase the software. The scope and depth provided by Chief Architect X10 is incomparable as you’ll now see:

  • Design features that enable you to create: rooms, walls, doors, windows, roofs, ceilings, stairs, ramps, cabinets, etc.
  • 3D rendering and visualisation capabilities
  • Integrated CAD tools
  • Create foundations and framing
  • Design cross sections and elevations with great ease
  • Conveniently draw up plans and layouts
  • Make use of layers and dimensions to support your designs
  • Render materials and design in 3D
  • Draw up a list of needed materials along with their estimated costs
  • Implement considerations for lighting, electricity and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) needs
  • Easily import and export files
  • Define terrain and landscapes easily to accommodate the needs of your design


The features on their own certainly sound enticing, but the full potential of Chief Architect X10 can’t be realised or understood till the functions aren’t covered. Understanding the capabilities of the software is the best way to grasp the powerful tools this software puts at your disposal.

The building and designing tools support your workflow by maximising efficiency and the speed with which you provide output. Not only is the actual design process much more convenient, even the initial planning stage goes by faster. Chief Architect X10 goes a step further and even ensures that your work is in accordance with standard building procedure, allowing you to maintain a highly efficient workflow.

As mentioned earlier, Chief Architect Premier X10 helps you save a great deal of time on modelling. This is achieved by the software automatically generating 3D objects out of your walls (and other objects). It’s also possible to go back and forth with 2D and 3D as you take care of modelling and editing.

The primary appeal of this Chief Architect Premier X10 software is that it provides you with extremely powerful building and design tools for homes and commercial buildings. However, it also offers additional benefits like CAD support, making it possible for you to generate custom CAD minutiae, rapidly manipulate objects and even read AutoCAD files.

Additionally, when you purchase this software you also gain access to its multi-view capabilities. What this means is that the software enables you to generate several views of any given project at various stages. For example, floor plans, framing, section details, elevations, etc. The importance of this is that it affords you with greater control over all the layers involved in your design.

Worth mentioning is also that Chief Architect X10 also pays attention to the surrounding landscape of the site you’re working on. While the software itself is primarily geared for the construction and design of buildings, it also aims to further support these designs by defining what would be the most perfect landscape for it. This is where the terrain and landscape tools come in, as they enable you to add any relevant details to the exterior or surrounding area to complete your plans.