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Today’s generation has witnessed the launch of several new technologies on a regular basis. The anticipation on the launches is worth it as these creative technologies have always left the crowd amazed. The credit for such creation goes to software that aids in developing modelling designs. Autodesk Inventor is one such software that helps to create 3D digital prototypes.

Autodesk Inventor is modelling software, which facilitates 3D CAD feature for designing, visualizing and simulation of ideas. This popular Windows-only CAD software offers its users 3D designing and simulation tools of professional grade. The Inventor software helps in the making of product prototypes with accurate weight, driving load, friction, stress and other components in a simulated 3D surrounding. Using Inventor’s assembly stress analysis and integrated motion simulation tool, the user can create anything from simple mould designs to intricate engineering models. This software is well known for producing accurate 3D models. These models help in testing and analyzing the functioning of the product in real-life scenarios. Therefore, Autodesk Inventor Software is highly beneficial for users designing automobile parts or cars. The features available in the software assist the user in developing products with optimal characters.

Inventor CAD Software allows the user to convert the basic 2D sketches into simulating 3D solid models using simple designing options. Several features are incorporated in this software, which has drastically helped in cutting design development time in half. The Inventor Software has certain features such as design communication tools and integrated 3D simulation. These tools help in enhancing CAD productivity and reduce errors. This software creates digital prototyping by combining 2D drawings and 3D data into a single digital model.

A Versatile tool

On being built for engineers and design professionals of today, the Autodesk keeps updating its features to enhance productivity and user experience. Inventor software also allows users to work seamlessly with files from other CAD software or external sources. The wide array of features available has made Inventor software a versatile tool. It is used in a broad range of industries: graphic design, architecture, automobile, engineering and more.

Features available in Inventor

Autodesk Inventor Software provides a widerange ofprofessional-grade feature to assist in the development of accurate models and designs. Some of the key features of Inventor includes free form and parametric modelling, dynamic simulation, stress analysis and automated part designing. Inventor CAD Software is an advanced tool that can be used for rendering of grouped models and developing photorealistic simulation on extensive projects. Some of the features available are:

  • Shape Generator

Based on the constraints specified by the users, this feature generates an intelligent strategy for developing lightweight, structurally efficient parts with maximum stiffness. This feature provides a 3D mesh to guide the user’s design refinements.

  • Parametric modelling

This tool is created to aid in uninterrupted progress of the work of the user. The feature has complex geometries created in the way the user needs it rather than complicating the process by making workarounds. The commands are designed to show up right at the cursor and changes can be made easily whenever necessary. This eliminates the need for the user to search for the right function.

  • Assembly modelling

This feature helps in creating the model by strategically placing existing components in place. It also helps in creating and placing other components required for making the model within the assembly. The aim of the feature is to create a model that fits the specific objectives of the user. Each time the user updates the assembly, the assembly constraints are applied to ease the work of the user.

  • Drawing creations

This tool of Inventor CAD Software aids in quick creation of clear, accurate and detailed drawings. This tool provides several options such as the creation of drawing views, alignment and rotation of drawing views, editing of auxiliary views and more. These features help in creating a drawing of the model from the basic to the final look. The several options available in this tool ensure that user can develop a detailed drawing by analysis each step of the progress.

  • Automated frame designing

This tool is used for creating internal and external frame assemblies for machines. This feature will aid in building frames directly on the assembly using components from other machines. This tool automatically selects and place standard frame member onto the selected assembly component.

  • Electromechanical designing

This feature allows the user to link multiple AutoCAD electrical projects with Inventor projects. This will make the project files associative and the data changes made in one project is synced in other through sync button.

  • Flexible modelling

This feature allows the user to freely choose between the best modelling techniques in the software to complete the task. The user can switch to free form, parametric or direct modelling according to the requirement of the task.

  • Direct modelling

Direct modelling feature is useful to insert direct edits into the model. This feature helps in making changes to the solid models and assists in importing models without any history. When direct edits are employed, parameter values are created which will guide the editing process.

  • Sheet metal design

This tool helps in creating sheet metal parts. This tool is useful for manufacturing purposes where conversion of folded models to flat patterns is a necessity. By double-clicking the flat pattern or folded model browser node, the user can switch between folded views of the model to flat view. 

  • Free-form modelling

This tools aids in the creation of visually compelling design by enhancing a parametric model. The tool will help in creating a freeform design using one of the basic freeform shapes. This is then associated or changed by the addition of 3D model features. This tool gives the user the freedom to experiment on creativity to develop models.

  • Stress analysis


Being a key feature of Inventor Software, Stress analysis helps the user to search for the best alternative designs for assembly or parts. This feature uses two types of simulations: Static Analysis and Modal Analysis. These simulations will help in evaluating different conditions to ensure that the model can perform satisfactorily without breaking or deforming.

  • Dynamic stimulation

This feature shows different elements of the mechanism. Through this feature, the user can gain access to each element and make modifications.

  • Automated product configuration

This tool helps in easy setup and deploying product configurators at a faster pace. Product configurator guarantees saving engineering time and accelerates the growth of sales.

What’s new with Inventor Software?

Every year Autodesk releases next versions of their software with improved feature and user experience. This enhances the performance, core modelling workflows and automation of the software, which ensures professional-grade designs. Inventor 2019 software updates are available in three versions: 2019.1, 2019.2 and 2019.3.

Autodesk Inventor Software has improved in several areas to ensure easy workflow with enhanced productivity. The areas updates as well as introduced are:

  • Assembly and Drawing performance

The improvements released in this area include in-place editing, updates and pattern selection in Assembly. Improved view creations and navigations are available in the latest updates of drawing tool.

  • Content centre

The improvement made in the contentcentre is the In-memory caching. This feature will cache remote contents during the session to reduce the waiting time for displaying remote contents.

  • iLogic

The updates made in this feature will now help in quick and easy creation of code rules for modification, addition and deletion of constraints and components.

  • Hole Command

The new Hole command feature makes quicker and smarter decisions in hole placements. The new feature allows the user to apply concentric and dimensional constraints without the need to create a sketch at the beginning. Without exiting the command, the user can switch between sketch and feature editing.

  • Corner and Sheet Metal Face enhancements

The symmetric face feature added in the new update will support the creation of symmetric face by expanding from mid-plane. The newly added Laser Weld Corner Relief shape feature terminates with a tangent arc and is perfect to developing laser cut parts.

  • Frame generator and sketch enhancements

In sketch enhancement, the helical curve command is updated to create variable pitch helix. The Autoproject edges option available during curve creation is improved to work similarlyto model sketches.

In the frame generator, the values produced while applying Trim/Extend option on frame members are now available with specific names and can be included in Bills of the Material option.

  • Assembly constraints

The enhancement was made for the constraining of 2 axes- directed and undirected angles. This feature ensures that the settings of the constraint will be maintained even when positions of related components are changed.

  • Migrate custom setting

This feature will help in the transfer of the users existing customization and Application option settings to the new version of Inventor 2019 software. This option will appear if the user had previously used the 2018 version.

  • Colour schemes

In the Inventor 2019 software, the Color Scheme Editor is built into the Application Options interface. The customizations done are saved in the Application Options of XML files.

The benefits of Autodesk Inventor software

The use of Inventor software is critical for design and engineering professionals. Autodesk Inventor has proved to be the best CAD software available for designing, visualization and testing of ideas for various reasons. This includes:

  • Ability to generate Digital Prototypes

This feature gives its user the ability to create and learn the product before it is built. This feature allows the user to validate the function, form and fit of the design by integrating 2D drawings and 3D data into a single digital model. This reduces the need for physical prototyping, which is costly and time-consuming.

  • 3D designing

Inventor Software is a 3D CAD software capable of generating solid models. This software has a broad range of features in-built to simplify the conversion of basic sketches to 3D models. The software offers exceptional tools in both assembly design and part modelling. This makes the software easier to use and quicker to learn and become productive.

  • Automated updating of Drawing and views

This software gives flexibility to the user in terms of changes made in the drawings. In inventor, the drawings views are associated with original components, therefore, any changes made will be reflected in all the sheets. This feature provides improved drafting productivity as it automatically updates front, ISO, side, detail and section views on the models.

  • Easily usable Simulation

The ultimate benefit of this software is its ability to deliver a prediction of the functionality of the product in real-world condition before being built. Using motion simulation and stress analysis tools, the user can create quality parts, which will not fail in the field. The software also provides tools such as modal finite element analysis (FEA) of parts and load-bearing frames to examine the products ability to withstand stressful conditions.

  • Photorealistic Visualization

Autodesk Inventor software can quickly and easily create renderings, presentation and animations of products. This will improve the communication of the user with that of design partner and customers. The software is equipped with illustration and animation tools in the default workspace to help the user create realistic representations throughout the process.

  • Interoperability of Inventor

Inventor software can work seamlessly with files from AutoCAD. By using true DWG file support, users can easily convert 2D drawings into accurately designed 3D models. This software also supports data exchange and CAD conversions with external sources.

  • Secure Data Management

Inventor software provides integrated data management in Autodesk Vault software. This Vault software is a centralized application that securely stores and manages data of work groups. The stored data can be in-progress design data and related documents. This software ensures that all the details regarding the product design are stored securely and confidentially. The users and their partner groups can only access the stored details.

Autodesk Inventor Software helps cover the gaps between, designing, engineering and production. Its wide use across the different industry is mainly due to the ability of the software to produce state-of-the-art visualization of the product even before it is built. This software makes engineering and designing a product easier, quicker and cost-efficient.